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The Chester Bluecoat Charity is delighted to give Upton Junior Football Club £1,000 towards their fundraising endeavours that will support financially disadvantaged families and the development of new girls’ teams.

The benefits to children from being part of a community sports team are vast; not only are there clear physical health benefits but also the emotional and mental health advantages, such as gaining confidence, developing teamwork skills, learning to win and lose with grace and, very importantly, developing friendships outside of school.

Upton JFC is run by volunteers who strive to create an inclusive environment for children. The club aims to help fund the annual membership fee for families facing significant financial challenges, which this fundraising supports. In addition, the money raised will help to ensure that children whose families are facing such hardship have appropriate attire for the winter months.

The project will also help to fund the development of girls teams for the 2024/25 season which will provide opportunities to improve the lives of the young players. The increase in participation in female football has been substantial in Chester over the past few years and the Charity is delighted to be able to support this further as it has not always had the necessary focus or investment.

The Chester Bluecoat Charity aims to support those experiencing inequality and disadvantage in and around Chester, especially from an early age, and thus felt this project is aligned with our mission.

Upton JFC established a crowd funding page to raise the required amount for this project, the target of which has been reached