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The Chester Bluecoat Charity is delighted to announce the installation of a potentially life-saving defibrillator at the Bluecoat, extending how the charity helps support those in Chester.

The defibrillator at The Bluecoat on Upper Northgate Street has been placed on the outside wall of the building in a key area in Chester, where it is easily accessible to the public 24/7  in an emergency

With the new Northgate Quarter, numerous restaurants and Storyhouse nearby, Upper Northgate Street is a busy spot for Chester locals and visitors alike.

The defibrillator¬†can be accessed at any time by calling 999 and using the code provided by the call handler. It can be used to restart someone’s heart in the case of cardiac arrests.

The defibrillators give someone a high-energy shock to the heart of someone who has had a cardiac arrest. Statistics show a less than 10% of people experiencing cardiac arrest out-of-hospital survive – compared to 80% when a defibrillator is used.

No previous training is required to use a defibrillator; once you turn the defibrillator on, it will tell you what to do. The device gives clear, spoken instructions and will not deliver a shock unless it is needed.

You can read more information here.