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The Chester Bluecoat Charity is excited to announce the grant recently awarded to Children Today, a charity that supports children living with a disability.

Children Today want disabled children to experience the same opportunities as their peers and be part of their community, both at home and school. They provide pieces of equipment to disabled children, such as adapted car seats and harnesses, which can be life-changing. They can help the children concentrate at school, live more independently and ultimately be happier, which in turn will have a huge impact on both the child and their whole family.

Children Today commented “It might mean it is the first time everyone gets a good night’s sleep or the first time the family can all go on a dog walk together or have a calmer household because of a bubble tube”.

The award of £5,000 from The Chester Bluecoat Charity will make a huge impact in the lives of some disabled children or young people in the Chester area in 2023.

Children Today receive requests for adapted equipment from between 4 and 6 disabled children in the Chester area each year and it is expected that the grant from The Chester Bluecoat Charity will mean all of the requests in 2023 will be able to be fulfilled.

Read more about Chidren Today here.