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The Chester Bluecoat Charity is delighted to announce a donation of the final £1,200 to the Sycamore Field play area fund in Lache, meaning the project was able to get the go-ahead.

Friends of the Lache Community established the The Spacehive project a year ago to crowdfund for a show-stopping piece of play equipment in Sycamore Field. Sycamore Field is the largest managed green space located in the neighbourhood, however it is currently uninviting with poorly maintained, aged play equipment and furthermore is not enclosed making it unsafe for younger children. The redevelopment of the green space has been sought by the community for numerous years and it is exciting that the investment will help the space live up to its potential by becoming a green and welcoming focal area for the community to socialise in and gather for events and celebrations.

The play park, due to be completed in early 2024, will provide a safe space for Lache children to climb and explore on fun, secure equipment such as a funnel net, fireman’s pole and tube slide. A new over 12s play zone is also planned within sight of the main play space, giving older children a place to play while also extending the lifespan of the park for families. There will also be new planting and seating around the park, creating a beautiful outdoors space that parents, adults and wildlife will be able to enjoy.

The redevelopment of Sycamore Field is part of a wider Lache development plan, however the park is particularly crucial as the population in the ward is younger than average comprising 25% under 18’s, compared to 20% on average in Cheshire West. The Lache development plan is led by the Council but is community driven with all Lache residents, schools and youth groups asking for their input and vision for the area.

The investment into play equipment in Sycamore Field will give the local children more active, safe and accessible opportunities for play and will support community cohesion and pride in the neighbourhood. The Chester Bluecoat Charity focuses on bringing about lasting change in disadvantaged communities and subsequently was pleased to be able to donate the final £1,200.

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