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What is “End Homelessness in Chester”? 

End Homelessness in Chester provides a way for the public to directly support people experiencing homelessness through charities that are working with them. The money donated will provide services and support to those experiencing homelessness. The project has placed two contactless donation points in Chester and all money received through them is going to three charities who work directly with people experiencing homelessness. The donations will be split evenly between the charities, who are: 

Chester Aid to the Homeless (1074401)

Share (1166530) 

Soul Kitchen 

The project was set up to increase donations to help homelessness in our cashless society and to address the common reluctance of directly donating to those who experience homelessness.

End Homelessness in Chester is a collaborative project between Chester BID, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Chester Aid to the Homeless, Share, Soul Kitchen and The Chester Bluecoat Charity (Charity reg: 1186378).

What are the challenges for people experiencing homelessness? 

Many people experiencing homelessness have complex needs which have led them to becoming homelessness, including mental health problems, drug and alcohol dependencies and negative institutional experiences. The longer someone sleeps rough, the greater the impact this can have on their physical and mental health which will only worsen their situation. 

How much can I tap to donate to End Homelessness in Chester? 

The contactless donation points take a £3 donation each time a card is presented. A card can be presented multiple times if you wish to increase your donation.  

Will all my donation go to help someone that is experiencing homelessness? 

Yes, 100% of your money will go towards helping people experiencing homelessness.

Your donation will be processed by a payment organisation called “Good Box”. They charge a small fee for processing your donation however Cheshire West and Chester Council are covering these fees. No other administration costs are charged, therefore all the money donated via the contactless donation points goes to charities who support those experiencing homelessness. 

Who is responsible for the fundraising? 

The Chester Bluecoat Charity is responsible for the fundraising for End Homelessness in Chester. All money donated is passed from The Chester Bluecoat Charity to Chester Aid to the Homeless, Share and Soul Kitchen. 

How will my donation reach the charities helping people experiencing homelessness?  

The Chester Bluecoat Charity, who are the fundraiser, will review the donation account on a regular basis and agree with the charities involved how the money should be spent in relation to the work they do supporting those experiencing homelessness. Allocating the money will always be agreed together so that the most is made from the funding received to help those experiencing homelessness. Donations to End Homelessness in Chester can only be spent by the three charities involved in the project. 

Can I Gift Aid my donation?

As your personal information is not collected during your tap donation, Gift Aid cannot be claimed.

How can I find out about how my donation has been used? 

To find out more about how your donation has been used please email for the latest update

Who is Good Box?  

Good Box are specialists in contactless giving solutions for registered charities.

How will my donation transaction appear on my bank/credit account?

Your donation will appear as “GBX*ChesterBluecoat”

I have a transaction on my account for a donation, but I did not make this transaction, what should I do?

Please contact your card provider who will be able to assist you. 

Can I give directly to each of the individual charities? 

Yes, if you would like to donate directly to any of the charities involved in the project, all contact details are available on their websites: 

Chester Aid to the Homeless (1074401)

Share (1166530) 

Soul Kitchen 

Where are the contactless donation points located? 

There are two contact donation points; one in The Grosvenor Shopping Precinct and one in Chester Market.

Who do I contact if I have further questions? 

If you have further questions, please email 

We try to respond to all emails within 10 working days.